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Beautiful silk nightgowns

This spring Millefeuille launches a new collection of beautiful silk nightgowns. The collection is called Parisienne and comprises of long and short nightgowns with golden lace details. During early spring it will be available at our website, until then you can get information regarding the collection through our customer service at Do not hesitate to contact us for questions or pre orders.

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Visiting Dior

If you ever visit St Tropez in the south of France, escape the hustle and bustle from the market and the streets and treat yourself with a visit to the stunning Dior des Lices with its beautiful secret garden. The restaurant serves breakfast as well as lunch, dinner and snack.Everything from the menu to the service is impeccable. Afterwards, why not end your visit with some shopping in their botique?While planning your trip, relax in one of our couture bedding collections that were created with inspiration from the French Riviera. They are made in very fine Egyptian cotton (TC600) and adorned with beautiful hemstitch, embroideries and flanges.

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Welcome collection Ste Maxime

Let the summer go on and on in your home with a little help from our new throw pillows in beautiful and bright pastel colours. They are available in green, blue and pink. Like all our products they are delivered in our signature white gift boxes which also makes them nice gifts for your friends and family.

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5 Super Romantic Ideas for Your Bedroom

You will have a party at home, or maybe you invite your male/ female ( more than) friend for the first time or simply because you are worth it. Your bedroom is important for the good impression you want to make when you give your friends a tour of your apartment/ house or for the everyday luxury you want for yourself.

1. Flowers, flowers and flowers, they can never be wrong and often the more the merrier (provided you have a good taste regarding their colour and style which I naturally assume).

2. Fragrant candles that transforms your room to a  scented garden, a perfect day at the beach, an aromatic spa or  whatever the fragrance reminds you of. Choose candles that also are beautiful to look at.

3. An open fire, few things are so relaxing and cosy as the warmth and the sounds from burning wood.

4. Your favourite satin night gown/ pyjamas, of course beautifully draped on the bed or hanging in the wardrobe during the party but in the evening in the company of your loved one or buy yourself it is perfect.

5. Least but not less, beautiful and soft linens in your favourite style and lots of throw pillows. Newly ironed linens are a must and will give you a very comfortable and good night!

Sincerely Annelie


Collection Cote `d Azur, from Millefeuille

Bedding and comfortable beds in hotels

I have just returned home from another trip to the romantic city of lights. I got a lot of inspiration that will be useful in creting the collections for the next season. At the hotel I was reminded of how important the bed is both regarding the comfort as well as the appearance. Beautiful bed linen can transform a whole room but it is eqully important that they are presented in the best of ways and with the right accessories for example throw pillows, bedskirts and so on.

If I had been a hotel manager I would have been very keen to educate my personell regarding bedding. What are your experiences regarding bedding and bed comfort in hotels you have stayed at?

Please let me know your thoughts!


Launched at least

Today I launched my new blog and since tha autumn for many people tend to be a fresh start I think it is very nice to have a new blog in the autumn. This blog will concentrate on things that make the life more fun and beautiful and I hope that you will have a great time reading it.