5 Super Romantic Ideas for Your Bedroom

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You will have a party at home, or maybe you invite your male/ female ( more than) friend for the first time or simply because you are worth it. Your bedroom is important for the good impression you want to make when you give your friends a tour of your apartment/ house or for the everyday luxury you want for yourself.

1. Flowers, flowers and flowers, they can never be wrong and often the more the merrier (provided you have a good taste regarding their colour and style which I naturally assume).

2. Fragrant candles that transforms your room to a  scented garden, a perfect day at the beach, an aromatic spa or  whatever the fragrance reminds you of. Choose candles that also are beautiful to look at.

3. An open fire, few things are so relaxing and cosy as the warmth and the sounds from burning wood.

4. Your favourite satin night gown/ pyjamas, of course beautifully draped on the bed or hanging in the wardrobe during the party but in the evening in the company of your loved one or buy yourself it is perfect.

5. Least but not less, beautiful and soft linens in your favourite style and lots of throw pillows. Newly ironed linens are a must and will give you a very comfortable and good night!

Sincerely Annelie


Collection Cote `d Azur, from Millefeuille